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SC Over Infant’s Death in Shaheen Bagh, Asked- Can a Four Month Old Go to Protest?


New Delhi: The Supreme Court on Monday took cognizance of the death of a four-month-old child during a sit-in demonstration against the Citizenship Amendment Act in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi. A bench of CJI SA Bobde, Justice BR Gavai and Justice Suryakant heard the matter. The Supreme Court bench hearing the case made stern remarks and asked “Can a four-month-old go to protest? All mothers should, in fact, support this cause. Don’t create more problems.”

The Supreme Court has taken suo motu cognisance of the letter awarded by Bravery Award to the student Zen Gunaratna Sadavarte. The student was a recipient of the 2019 Indian Council for Child Welfare (ICCW) National Bravery Award, said in the letter to the CJI’s office that the parents of the baby and the organisers of the anti-CAA protests at Shaheen Bagh had “failed” to protect the rights of the kid, resulting in his death.

At the same time, the lawyers of the three women present in the Shaheen Bagh demonstration gave a different opinion in the court. Advocate Shahrukh Alam told the court that the child did not die due to the performance. The girl lived in a slum and died due to cold and continued ill, not from going to the protest. How he died is not clear in the postmortem report. He also said that if the mother living in the slum goes to the protest then where will her children live. Children also have the right to perform in international law and India has signed such a treaty.

The central government said that this is an unfortunate incident. The CJI said that we want to know whether a four-month old child can go on a dharna? At the same time, three women of Shaheen Bagh also demanded to keep their own side. Said that his child is called Pakistani in school. On this, CJI Justice Bobde said that a child was called a Pakistani in school, this is not a subject before the court. The Supreme Court has issued a notice to the Center and the Delhi government in this matter.