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Savarkar had ‘Homosexual Relationship’ with Nathuram Godse, Says MP Congress Seva Dal Booklet


In Madhya Pradesh, a booklet distributed by the Congress Seva Dal has been disputed. The booklet has claimed that Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and the Swayamsevak Sangh has claimed that the Hindu Mahasabha co-founder had a “homosexual relationship” with Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse. The book titled ‘Veer Savarkar Kitne Veer? (Veer Savarkar, How Brave?)’ was distributed in a 10-day training camp organized in Bhopal.

In ‘Veer Savarkar Kitne Veer’, many types of claims have been made by quoting. Referring to the book ‘Freedom at Midnight’ by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Colin and the congress booklet says that, “before adopting the brahmacharya, there is only one mention of the Nathuram Godse physical relationship. His partner was in his homosexual relationship was Veer Savarkar.”

The booklet claims, “Savarkar also used to exhort Hindu men to rape minority women.” The booklet also laid blame on Savarkar for coming up with the two-nation theory, which sowed the seeds of partition. Savarkar used to incite people to rape minority women. ‘

The booklet says that, ‘When Savarkar was 12 years old, he threw stones at the mosque and broke the tiles there.’ On the 14th page of the book, the question is, ‘Did Savarkar encourage Hindus to rape minority women Did it? ‘It is written in response,’ It is correct. Savarkar called rape a just political weapon. Adding to the practical trend of animals in his book Six Glorious Epox of Indian History, Savarkar explained how every animal wants to increase its population to maintain its existence. Even about Ravana and Sita, they say that you kidnap the enemy’s woman and rape her, you call it unrighteousness? This is altruism. Greatest duty According to him, Muslim women participate against Hindus because they are not afraid of Hindu men getting revenge for it. Who suffer from this distorted thinking that women should be given courtesy and respect. ‘

The booklet describes RSS as a “Nazi and fascist” organisation and that it took inspiration from Hitler’s Nazism and Mussolini’s fascism. Like Hitler did to the Jews, the RSS also wants to deprive the country’s minorities of their civil rights. When the controversial content in both these booklets was questioned, the National President of Congress Seva Dal Lalji Desai said, “What has been mentioned is a historical fact, written with appropriate references.” It is important for the public to know the reality of the people who are presented as heroes by the BJP. Today, in our country everyone has the right to speak.