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Sachin Pilot says only the bravest sent to borders


Former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot got a thunderous applause when he described himself as the strongest soldier of the ruling Congress party.

Sachin Pilot, who was sacked as the deputy the chief minister along with two other ministers Ramesh Meena and Vishvendra Singh for their rebellion against the party, was given a new seat in the Vidhan Sabha.

New seat for Sachin in Assembly

Earlier, he used to sit on the front bench facing the Speaker’s podium along with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. But since he was no more a minister, he was allotted seat number 127. The new seat bordered the bench where the Opposition members sit.

He was made to sit next to the Independent member Sanyam Lodha, who extended his support to the Gehlot government.

BJP leader provoked Sachin

During the debate on the trust motion, deputy leader of Opposition and veteran BJP leader Rajendra Singh Rathore mentioned a Pilot’s name a few times. Pilot immediately rose to intervene. He said he used to sit on the front when he was part of the government and he felt very secure.

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Now as he is not part of the government, he has been allotted a seat by the Speaker and the Chief Whip that was on the border of the seat where the ruling party members sit on one side and the Independents on the other side.

We left our grievances behind: Sachin

“Thus I am on the frontier and only the bravest of the braves are sent to the frontier. I shall guard the frontier wearing a shield and wielding the spear, however fierce is the attack. Time will reveal many things. We have shown ourselves to the doctors and have told him about our disease. But when we came to the Vidhan Sabha, we left our grievances behind,” Pilot said amidst thunderous applause of the house.

Safety measures in Assembly

On the orders of Governor Kalraj Mishra, the House was convened and the Speaker ensured that members kept social distancing. An additional 45 sofas and chairs were laid to enable the members to sit comfortably and maintaining distance. The members also wore a mask and washed their hands with sanitizers before entering the House.


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