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Sachin Pilot receives warm welcome in Ashok Gehlot’s home turf


Congress leader Sachin Pilot, who led a rebellion against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, received a tumultuous welcome in Jodhpur on Thursday.

On Thursday, Sachin Pilot had gone to Jodhpur, the home town of Ashok Gehlot, to offer condolence to the family of former Union minister Jaswant Singh, who passed away recently.

Sachin Pilot reached Jodhpur in a motorcade from Pali, 65 km away, and was greeted by people on his way to Jodhpur. Some 100 cars were there as he drove from Pali to Jodhpur and he was stopped at a number of places by the people who felicitated him and raised slogans like Sachin Pilot Zindabad.

Sachin often stopped his car to meet people, but refused to accept garlands because of the coronavirus pandemic. A number of cars joined the arcade on the way up to Jodhpur. There was great enthusiasm among people, which surprised many as Pilot was in the home turf of Gehlot.

Sachin Pilot went to Jaswant Singh’s house

After entering the city of Jodhpur, Pilot straightaway drove to late Jaswant Singh’s house near the airport. He was received by Jaswant Singh’s son, Manvendra Singh, a former BJP MP from Barmer, who is now in Congress.

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Manvendra and Pilot are good friends and they were together for an hour and had a discussion on various issues. Manvendra was a BJP MLA during the last BJP regime, but quit BJP to join Congress and he contested and lost against Vasundhara Raje from Jhalrapatan.

After spending time with Manvendra Singh, Pilot met a large number of people in the Circuit House. A large number of people from Jodhpur and the outskirts went to meet Pilot at the Circuit House and the numbers surprised everyone. The Ashok Gehlot loyalists kept themselves away, but were monitoring the visit.


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