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Congress leader Sachin Pilot criticises Centre for double standard on vaccine pricing


Congress leader Sachin Pilot has hit out at the Union government for its double standards over the pricing of COVID vaccine and has objected to different rates for the same jab. Pilot said while the whole country is reeling under the COVID-19 pandemic, the life-saving vaccines are differently priced.

He said the Union government is buying the vaccines from two pharma companies at the rate of Rs 157 per vaccine and the same vaccine’s six crore doses are being bought from one pharma company under the Prime Minister Care Fund for Rs 210 and the same dose has been ordered to another pharma firm and is being bought at the rate of Rs 310 per vaccine.

Sachin Pilot takes a dig

He said the Union government is procuring the vaccine from the pharma companies for as low as Rs 157 per vaccine but is being sold to the states at a premium of Rs 400 and to the private hospitals for Rs 600. He said the prime minister talks of the “one nation” theory, but there is a need for a “one nation, one vaccine, one rate” policy to prevent the profiteers from making money.

CM Gehlot wants parliamentarians to raise the issue with Centre

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has asked the members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha to raise the issue of vaccines and oxygen supply with the Centre. Gehlot said the state is facing high cases of COVID-19 with each passing day and it has fallen short of both vaccines and oxygen and the situation would worsen in a few days.

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The MPs from the state should meet the Prime Minister and demand an adequate supply of both vaccine and oxygen.

BJP hits back

BJP member of Lok Sabha, Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, said the chief minister was misleading the people and the Union government has made an adequate supply of vaccines and injections. Rathore, who is a member of Lok Sabha from Jaipur (rural), said the Centre has sent 1.25 crore vaccines, 26,500 Remdesivir injection and 160 metric tonnes of oxygen and 1,900 ventilators. He said the state government has recently cancelled the purchase of 20,000 ventilators after it was found that there was corruption involved in the purchases.

BJP MLA Ashok Lahoti said when people of Rajasthan were suffering because of the lack of Remdesivir, the Congress government sent 20,000 injections to Punjab after a request came from the Punjab chief minister.


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