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Sachin Pilot slams Centre over rising inflation in India


Congress leader Sachin Pilot on Wednesday slammed the Centre over the growing inflation in the country. The Rajasthan MLA accused the Centre of not taking sufficient measures to arrest the rise in prices of goods and services affecting people.

Notably, the Rajasthan Congress is holding protests against the Centre from July 7 to 17 over the issue of inflation in the country. On Wednesday, protests were organised by the Mahila Congress at each district headquarter.

Pilot blames the government for robbing the common people of their heard-earned savings. Pilot said people are stressed due to price rise but the Union government has failed to control it.

During the COVID-19 pandemic in other countries, money was put into people’s pockets so that they could run their homes whereas the Centre robbed people of their savings, he alleged addressing a sit-in organised by the Mahila Congress here.

“We will continue to agitate till the Centre does not take steps to reduce inflation,” Pilot said, adding that the government is acting stubborn and has nothing to do with the problems of the common people.

Inflation in India

Annual consumer inflation rate in India increased to 6.3 per cent in May of 2021, the highest in 6 months, from a downwardly revised 4.23 per cent in April. Figures came well above market forecasts of 5.3 per cent, as higher global commodity prices including crude, edible oils and gold weighed.

Food inflation jumped to 5.01 per cent, with oils and fats (30.84 per cent), non-alcoholic beverages (15.1 per cent), fruits (11.98 per cent) and pulses (9.39 per cent) recording the biggest increases.

Additional upward pressure came from cost of fuel and light (11.58 per cent); pan, tobacco and intoxicants (10 per cent); miscellaneous (7.52 per cent); clothing and footwear (5.32 per cent); and housing (3.86 per cent). The Reserve Bank of India estimates an average inflation rate of 5.1 per cent for the 2021-22 financial year.


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