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Russia to begin ‘strategic’ drills from Saturday


Moscow: Russia has announced that it will begin new drills from Saturday. These drills will involve “strategic forces”.

The defense ministry of the country on Friday said that President Vladimir Putin would be overseeing “strategic” missile drills on Saturday. This will include ballistic and cruise missile launches, according to reports.

The announcement comes amid fears and warnings that Russia may invade Ukraine in coming days despite vehemently denying such a situation.

The former had on Thursday announced an end to military drills in Crimea.

Earlier, it had said it was withdrawing troops from Ukraine border, hinting some relief after weeks of mounting tension over a likely war.

However, the US has remained wary of the claims, with President Joe Biden saying he believes Russia will invade Ukraine in coming days. Contrary to its claims, it has been increasing troops at Ukraine border, the US has alleged.




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