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Russia claims success in developing COVID-19 vaccine


In a breakthrough that might help mankind in overcoming the dangers posed by the coronavirus pandemic, Russia has claimed that it has developed a COVID-19 vaccine. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the development on Tuesday.

It paves the way for the mass immunisation of the Russian population. However, the final stage of clinical trials to test the safety and efficacy of the vaccine continues.

Putin’s daughter immunised

Putin said a COVID-19 vaccine developed in Russia has been registered for use. He also said that one of his daughters have been already immunised using the vaccine.

Putin emphasised that the vaccine underwent the necessary tests. He added that one of his two daughters has received a shot of the vaccine and is feeling well.

Vaccine provides lasting immunity from COVID-19

President Putin, speaking at a government meeting on Tuesday, enumerated the benefits of the vaccine. He said the vaccine developed by Russian scientists have been found to be efficient during tests. He said the vaccine develops lasting immunity from coronavirus—a much-required trait expected from a vaccine.

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The vaccine has been developed by Moscow’s Gamaleya Institute. Putin said the vaccine was safe and that it had even been administered to one of his daughters.

“I know that it works quite effectively, forms strong immunity, and I repeat, it has passed all the needed checks,” said Putin.

He said he hoped the country would soon start mass-producing the vaccine.

The vaccine’s approval by the health ministry foreshadows the start of a larger trial. The larger trial, also known as Phase III trial,  involves thousands of participants.

WHO’s advice to Russia

Russia has been pushing hard to quickly develop a coronavirus vaccine. Earlier this month, it hoped to launch mass production within weeks and turn out “several million” doses per month by next year.

The World Health Organisation last week urged Russia to follow established guidelines and go “through all the stages” necessary to develop a safe vaccine.

The pandemic has seen an unprecedented mobilisation of funding and research to rush through a vaccine that can protect billions of people worldwide.

So far, more than 100 possible vaccines are being developed around the world to try to stop the coronavirus pandemic. At least four are in final Phase III human trials, WHO’s data suggests.


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