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Rupani Challenges Gehlot to Ban Liquor in Rajasthan


Gandhinagar: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and his Gujarat counterpart Vijay Rupani were once again involved in a spat over liquor sales in the latter’s dry state. Gehlot, who visited Ahmedabad yesterday, was addressing Congress’s Jan Vedana rally. Gehot attacked the Rupani government on issues like liquor prohibition, paper leaks, rising inflation and unemployment. He also said the BJP government has not been able to provide relief to farmers who have suffered crop loss. Gehot challenged Rupani respond to these issues.

Hitting back, Rupani said, “Talking of liquor ban in Gujarat does not suits Gehlot ji. For discussion to be held, he should first enforce liquor prohibition in Rajasthan. We will later discuss how much liquor is consumed. If he has power, he should enforce prohibition in Rajasthan. From which mouth is he talking on this issue? He should talk about it only after liquor is banned in Rajasthan”.

Significantly, two days ago, in the Chief Minister’s own city of Rajkot, IMFL worth 5 lakhs was recovered from an institute set up by Gandhiji. After this, many questions were raised on the government and the police, claiming that alcohol ban was strictly enforced in Gujarat.