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Rs1 cr Meth case: Peddlers reveal SG Highway was where they sold drugs


Investigations into the seizure of 995 gm of Methylenediox-methamphetamine (MDMA) drugs from a cop in Ahmedabad has revealed that the drugs were being sold along the SG Highway.

Sources said that the peddlers, ASI Feroz Nagori and four others, who were caught peddling Meth drugs worth Rs 1 crore have allegedly told cops that the drugs were openly sold near the SG Highway.

Areas close to Kargil Petrol pump, Apna Adda and Khetal Aapa restaurant near SG Highway were places where customers came to procure the drugs, the peddlers have told the cops.

How where the Meth peddlers caught

Three people were caught while trying to bring the drug from Mumbai to Ahmedabad while two others were arrested later.

Investigations have revealed that Shehzad Tejabwala and Imran Ajmeri, who were earlier caught in connection with the Meth drug business, had used Feroz Nagori to set up their network in the city.

The two had got interim bail in a 2019 case in which 1.5 kg of Meth drugs was recovered from them. They violated their bail conditions to go to Hyderabad. They then went to Mumbai to procure the drugs and asked Feroz to come to Mumbai to take the consignment to Ahmedabad.

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Feroz had been tasked with ensuring that peddlers in the city got the Meth drugs from Mumbai, sources said.

The Ahmedabad Crime Branch had nabbed Nagori and two others- Imran Padhiyar (28) and Munno Jamaluddin Kazi (48) – some days ago while peddling drugs in a white Alto car.

Nagori, 50, is a resident of Jamalpur and a cop with Danilimda police station. During the investigation, the trio revealed the name of Shehzad Tejabwala and Imran Ajmeri. The crime branch then nabbed the two from Mumbai.  It was also revealed that Nagori himself was a drug user and often held rave parties.

All five were sent to remand up to September 17.


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