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Family feud of Rajasthan royals out in open after Congress leader’s son tweets against father, deletes it 4 hours later


The feud in the family of the former ruler of Bharatpur and Congress legislator Vishvendra Singh came out in the open after his son Aniruddh Singh tweeted against his father. Vishvendra Singh had revolted against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot last year joining Sachin Pilot in his efforts to dislodge the CM.

Aniruddh’s tweet and revolt against his father have created ripples in Rajasthan politics. In the tweet, Anirudh accused his father, a former member of the Lok Sabha and a former minister in Gehlot’s cabinet, of being an alcoholic. The tweet has made public the dispute in the former royal family of Bharatpur.

In the tweet, Aniruddh also accused his father of being violent towards his mother. “I am not in touch with my father for the last six weeks. He has become violent towards my mother, has taken loans and ruined the businesses of friends who helped me,” said Aniruddh in the tweet.

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“My mother and I have followed the values of a middle-class family for 30 years. 30 years is a lot,” the tweet said.
He said it was not just a matter of different political ideologies. The tweet was deleted four hours later but by that time it caused too much embarrassment to the former royal family.

People in the know said Vijendra and his son Aniruddh had a fall out two months ago and the latter’s mother Divya Singh sided with her son. Heated words were exchanged between father and son over political and family matters.

Fallout over tweets

Sources said Vishvendra Singh was furious at the tweets that were earlier made from his Twitter handle without his permission. He expressed his displeasure to his son about the tweets which were made against Congress and Ashok Gehlot. Later Vishvendra deleted his social media account including his Twitter, and Facebook account.
Aniruddh is a BJP supporter and openly tweets in favor of BJP, and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. For the last two years, he tweeted in favor of the BJP and PM Narendra Modi on many occasions much to the embarrassment of his father.

Both Vishvendra Singh and his wife Divya were earlier with the BJP and were members of the Lok Sabha. Both have a soft corner for BJP’s Hindutva and have also met RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat.

Many netizens responded to Anirudh’s tweet about his father advising him to respect the latter and not to put family matters public. They advised him to resolve the issue at home and not on Twitter.


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