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‘Riots is a Part of Life’: Haryana Power Minister Ranjit Singh Chautala on Delhi Violence


The rhetoric from leaders on the violence in Delhi over Citizenship Amendment Act continues. While the Congress is holding the BJP responsible for the situation in Delhi, the BJP is accusing the Congress and AAP leaders of making the situation worse. Haryana Power Minister Ranjit Singh Chautala kicked off a storm on Thursday with his remarks on the communal riots in national capital that have already cost 34 lives. The minister, who was asked about the recent round of violence, told reporters this wasn’t the first time that riots had happened.

According to the media report, Ranjit Chautala, a minister in the Haryana government said, “Riots have been happening…They have happened in the past…When Indira Gandhi was assassinated, the entire Delhi was burning. This is part of life.” At the end of the video, Minister Chautala says that the government is vigilantly controlling the matter. It is also seen in the media. But because it is a matter of Delhi and there is some judicial matter in it, it is not right to say more in it.

A large number of people protesting against the Citizenship Amendment Act blocked the road on Sunday, following which clashes between supporters and opponents of the CAA in Zafarabad began. Similar protests started in many other areas of Delhi. In Maujpur, BJP leader Kapil Mishra convened a meeting demanding that the police to remove anti-CAA protesters within three days. Soon after, members of the two groups pelted stones at each other, forcing the police to release tear gas shells. After this, 34 people have been killed and more than 200 are said to be injured in Delhi violence.