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Response of Various Leaders on Violent Clash Between ABVP-NSUI


Ahmedabad: While attacks on students and teachers were being condemned by some masked attackers at Delhi Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), the echoes of JNU violence fell in Ahmedabad today. The Congress student wing NSUI demonstrated in front of BJP’s student wing ABVP office on JNU violence. In the meantime, police were forced to lathi charge for dispersal of violent mobs. ABVP and NSUI activists are blaming each other for the incident. Now that the police have been deployed in the area, the reaction of various leaders has come up in this regard.

On this matter, Congress leader Hardik Patel tweeted that Gujarat is the land of Gandhi and Sardar Patel and ABVP is committing violence here. He tweeted, “Today the ABVP and the police have attacked a NSUI worker protesting on JNU incident in Ahmedabad. NSUI general secretary Nikhil Savani has been badly injured in this attack. BJP and police are working to intimidate the student. This is the land of Gandhi and Sardar.”

He further tweeted, “The people of the country have awakened, BJP and its affiliates are scared. All over the country, innocent people protesting against the government are being attacked by the people of BJP. There is an atmosphere of chaos in the country. Undisclosed emergency has come into force in the country. Hey Listen, the more you persecute, the more I fight.”

“Our activists were demonstrating peacefully,” Nikhil Sawani, the NSUI’s national general secretary, allegedly injured in today’s attack. In the meantime, ABVP activists broke into us with weapons like sticks and pipes.

On the other hand, BJP’s Youth Front Hritvij Patel said, “Let Gujarat not become JNU. We condemn such attacks. Such violence could not have any place in Gandhi’s Gujarat. Action will be taken against the respondents behind the incident.

Pradeep Singh Waghela, former president of the BJP Youth Front, said that NSUI started the friction. He had earlier called the attack in the media, why did no senior Congress leader stop him? When Congress workers came to attack the office of ABVP, we came forward in self-defense.

Congress spokesperson Manish Doshi said the ABVP workers had a pre-planned attack. The bullying face of BJP and ABVP has now spread across the country. BJP does not make the campus a political arena.

Youth Congress leader Jayesh Patel condemned the attack on Nikhil Sawani, saying that this conspiracy of ABVP was a shame for the student politics of Gujarat. Are there sticks in the offices of BJP student organizations instead of grafts?

In this regard, Congress MLA Imran Khedwala said, “Police are detaining our workers instead of apprehending the attackers.” Currently, Imran is sitting on a dharna at SVP Hospital demanding the arrest of Kheda ABVP workers. Therefore, tight police arrangements have also been made there.