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Show respect to MPs & MLAs, Rajasthan chief secretary issues orders to babus


Prakash Bhandari

It’s official now. A Rajasthan state government order signed by Chief Secretary, Rajiv Swaroop has made it mandatory for all government officials to receive the people’s representative – MP and MLAs – by showing them respect whenever they come to meet the officials.

The order made it mandatory for all the district collectors, divisional commissioners, additional chief secretaries and all the principal secretaries and secretaries to show respect to MPs and MLAs when they come to meet officials or leave after the meeting.

It has been made part of the protocol to extend such courtesies. This would mean the officials will have to stand and greet the MPs and MLAs.

The state government issued the orders after several MPs and MLAs made a complaint to the chief minister and chief secretaries about the casual attitude of officials whenever they went to see them.

What had triggered the order by Rajasthan Chief Secretary?

One complaint was recently made by senior BJP MLA and former minister, Kali Charan Saraf, who represents Malviya Nagar constituency.

Saraf said he had gone as leader of a delegation to submit a memorandum to the Jaipur District Collector Attar Singh Nehra on some issue.

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Saraf said neither did Nehra offer him a chair nor did he stand when the MLA submitted the memorandum. The MLA complained that Nehra accepted the memorandum while continuing to sit in the chair.

Hurt by the casualness, the MLA pointed out the insult to the collector but the collector did not stand. After this incident, Saraf wrote about the collector’s rude behaviour to the CM.

Similar complaints against divisional commissioners and district collectors were also made by several MPs and MLAs to the government.

After this, the Rajasthan chief secretary sent a polite order to officials to observe courtesy when interacting with people’s representatives.

The order said the people’s representatives come and meet the officials for redressal of their grievances which is usually related to the people of their constituency.

The order said the government officials should be sensitive towards the people’s representative and they should heed to their demands.

The Rajasthan Chief Secretary’s order said it’s the responsibility of the government to provide full transparency in administration. People’s representatives contribute to the development of the state and they also contribute to the welfare of the people and hence deserve respect when they come to meet officials.

Thus, the officials need to be polite and respectful while meeting the people’s representatives.


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