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Government hospital resident doctors’ strike in Gujarat continues  


Ahmedabad: Resident doctors at different government hospitals in the state continued their strike on Friday. According to them, the entire debate has arisen because the government went back on its notification issued keeping the Covid-19 situation in mind. The major bone of contention is the signing of the bond

The strikes have been announced by major associations of post-graduate medical students, including the Junior Doctors’ Association in Ahmedabad and Surat.

The ongoing protests have already started causing lot of inconvenience to patients at Civil Hospital and other government-run hospitals.

The resident doctors had reportedly gone to meet health commissioner Jaiprakash Shivhare, but instead of listening to their grievances, he allegedly sent them away. The angry students are now demanding his resignation.


The doctors’ demands

There is a demand for bond period calculation as 1:2, meaning doubling of the days of duty. They are also demanding benefits of Seventh Pay Commission, appointment in the institute where they have studied because of loss of study due to the pandemic and implementation of the senior residency plus bond scheme like in other states.

The health department has issued a notification stating that no stipend will be paid for the duration of strike by the government hospital resident doctors, nor will it be considered for educational purpose. The doctors said they would protest against the decision more severely, and the health commissioner would be responsible for the consequences.

Earlier, health minister and Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel had called the strike an attempt to harass patients, warning the protesting doctors of action under Epidemic Diseases Act if they did not report back on duty.



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