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Renowned Gujarati cartoonist Jami is no more


Renowned cartoonist Avad Bin Hassan Jami breathed his last in Jamnagar on Saturday. Popularly known as ‘Jami’, the 77-year-old had his work regularly published in leading Gujarati daily newspapers and news magazines for over two decades. Jami took to be a cartoonist full time after retiring from the Kendriya Vidyalaya in Jamnagar.

Jami, who was born in Dhrol in 1953, first began to draw cartoons for the magazine Rangtarang. His cartoons questioned authority, spoke sarcastically about hypocrisy and also held a mirror to the changing society and politics of India and Gujarat. As he gained popularity, his work began to appear in other weeklies as well. Though he continued to remain a teacher, his cartoon column titled Tikdam was very popular among readers. One of his cartoons during Emergency featuring Morarji Desai had created quite a controversy and he continued to bring out the problems within the society through his work.

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In 1993 he was awarded the ‘Helpful Citizen Award’ by a Gujarati magazine while in 1994 the Gujarat government recognised him as an excellent cartoonist.