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Remdesivir was flown from B’desh to Agartala to A’bad


The rise in demand for Remdesivir injections has led to its black marketing in the state.

The arrest of seven people in connection with illegally importing the medicine has also exposed how the medicine is being procured from beyond the borders.


Probe in the case has revealed that one of the accused Shabbir Ahmed sent Remdesivir injection via a flight to Agartala.

Ahmed’s men delivered the injections to Sandeep Mathukiya at Hotel Ginger in Agartala.

Sandeep flew from Agartala to Ahmedabad with the injections.

The accused sent Rs25 lakh as payment through a courier firm for the Remdesivir injections.

What the complaint states

A complaint filed by Food and Drug Control supervisor Ashish Basaeta has accused the seven of illegally importing the drugs. 

They are accused of selling the drugs above the MRP.

Police said apart from Shabbir, the accused Parth and Vaishali Goyani, owner of Nilkanth Elixir, their friend Shekhar Adroja are residents of Silver Stroke apartment in Bopal.

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Sandeep Mathukiya, another of the seven arrested, is the commission agent for the courier firm through which the money was sent to Shabbir. He is a resident of Vastrapur. 

The probe has also revealed that none of the accused had a licence to import the injections. 

How was it imported

The injections were imported from one Beximco Pharma company in Bangladesh.

The accused imported 69 injections worth Rs8.28 lakh on July 7.

The payment for the same was made to Shabbir through PM Angadiya firm in Bopal’s Amrapali mall.

The money was handed over to Shabbir from the company’s unit in Kolkata.

The accused imported 209 Remdesivir injections without an import licence. 

They then proceeded to sell it without a receipt.

Of the total sales, 111 were sold to doctors and relatives of various patients in Surat and Ahmedabad.

What is interesting is that the accused imported the medicines without ensuring its quality. 

Investigations have also revealed that Parth Goyani had illegally imported several other such medicines in the past.

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