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R&B penalises DELF Consulting Engineers Rs33.5 lakh for negligence


In an unprecedented move, the Road & Building Department has fined the DELF Consulting Engineers (India Private Ltd) Rs33.5 lakh for negligence which delayed several of the department’s projects. The company provides civil and structural engineering services.

The company was to prepare the drawings and estimate plan for three bridges but negligence on its part resulted in work on the Kheda-Dholka (Khari river), Sabarmati river, and Hariyala-Radhvajan (Vatrak river) getting stalled.

As per documents accessed by Gujarat Exclusive, the DELF consultancy did not finish the work in the stipulated time, and also there were errors in the estimation plan given by it.

The state decided to seize the security deposit of the firm after the negligence was brought to the notice of the government. It also asked that 50% of the tender cost (Rs33.50 lakh) be recovered from the company.

What were the three bridge projects given to DELF?

The R&B department had given three projects to DELF. This included the bridge over the Khari River in Kheda-Dholka, one over river Sabarmati, and the third over Vatrak at Hariyala-Radhvajan.

The project was worth over Rs80 lakh. Of the three projects, two are yet to be finished while the work on the bridge over the Vatrak River has been stopped for now.

The Hariyala project was cancelled after it was brought to the notice of the government that against a requirement of 9 piles, a six pile design was made by the consultant. Piles refer to a post like foundation that is made by digging the ground to offer support to a structure.

The company was given the work on June 15, 2018, and it was to finish it by September 2018. After the negligence and error were brought to the notice of the state, it fined the company a penalty on January 27, 2020.

But sources in the R&B Department said the consultant is yet to pay the same even as the year comes to an end. Sources said the department is likely to take legal action against the company in the coming days.


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