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Ravish Kumar Writes a Letter to 11 Lakh Youths Of Gujarat


Youths of Gujarat,

Right now, 11 lakh young people of Gujarat are writing a new story. At this time, I want to write a letter to you. I am far away from you but very close to you. If I had an airplane given by any fraud industrialist, I would have reached among you now. Gandhiji used to say that purity of means is more important than practicable. We may not all be Gandhi, but we can walk a little bit on his stated path. You have called your movement Gandhian in many tweets, hope that apart from violence, you will also keep purity in your slogans. You have not committed violence. Nor has any party been called. Continue even further. Your fight is not only for your demand, but also for your new life. You are changing. You want to be a citizen. You are becoming a citizen.

I have seen a continuity and stubbornness in your fight. When the Gujarat government changed the eligibility for the posts of 3000 Bin Secretariat Clerk in the middle of the examination process, you came together on the streets. Trended on Twitter and showed his number on the streets. The government bowed down. Eligibility for 12th pass was restored. On November 17, when the examination took place, the news of theft and rigging made you restless again. You reached the government with all the evidence. The government kept sleeping. You reached in large numbers on 4 December. More than 2 lakhs tweeted that day but no one in the national media was impressed. Because you are seen as a vote in the media. A voter who has a religion, Religious identity, But this is not the issue, is not a civil right. I can clearly say that you are seen like sheep flanked on one side by the leader. That’s why Delhi journalists do not see the organises of democracy in your movement. But you are sure of the tune. Stood outside the secretariat overnight. The flash of the mobile phone and the sound of the slogans kept ripping the darkness away.

I can’t read your two lakh tweets. But some have read. Nishant Pipaliya has put a picture of the white government in his tweet and the public is standing in front of him. Prakash Mavachi has posted a clip of the news of the local channel and has written that the students were brutally beaten. Is embarrassing. Sandeep Chavda has written that only students can feel what has happened to them. He had to compromise with the golden days of his age. Anand Desai, who put a picture of Vivekananda in his DP, tweeted a picture of the crowd of millions. Which is not about student movement but they have a imagination. Imagine being public. Imagine the return of the number force. Mukesh Chaudhary tweeted that we are not terrorists. We are students. Bharat Singh Rana tweeted that the Gujarat government is playing with the lives of students. The examination paper is being sold. Mahesh Thakor has also demanded cancellation of the exam. Ajay Singh Chudasama tweeted that the day before, the police allow a rally and today suddenly imposes Section 144. Takes custody of the students. In this way will you make Swarnim Gujarat?

You were young but without Youth. Youth has come now. When you have stood up for your issue and are demanding an honest exam for all. Before this you came as Patel a students, violence took place and the government crushed the movement with treason charges. You keep watching quietly. The society remained silent. The government felt that twenty years of fierce politics had crushed the minds of the youth. In the guise of bigotry, this rage of politics has completed the search for a great leaders, but has stopped the feeling of being a public from among the masses. You were seen as an ill-considered group. You are breaking this notion.

You see that as soon as you move out of the group of religious and caste identity and move towards civilian identity, you come towards the secretariat, sticks on you. Section 144 appears. Your number is 11 lakhs. If only five lakh of them come to the meeting of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, then the national media will show day and night. Talk about his popularity will continue. Actually this is what happened. On the day you wore Narendra Modi’s mask in rallies, you gave up the identity of citizenship. You became a supporter and then a devotee. You merged into the identity of the leader. Therefore, you are seen only as a supporter. How sad when people do not consider themselves as public.

At this time, you should ask yourself. Go home and ask parents. What did you get from this political extremism created under the cover of religion? What did the politics of hate for a particular religion give you? Ask a generation just before you, why did they come under the fire and keep burning for the time? Why did he not see that teachers are being hired on contract in Gujarat? Those who worked on a nominal salary for many years. Instead of wasting education it kept on ruining Do you need only bigotry? So you should tell me, did you get anything from this? You cannot run away from this question. You have to find the answer.

The politics of supremacy in the name of Hindu religion in the country must have started from somewhere else but in Gujarat it has flourished. Neither the media nor the people of the state hesitated to describe and present the leader as Hindu pride. The overwhelming support of the public was seen as such that it is the support of Hindutva. When you fulfil the need of religion in politics, politics changes you from a citizen to a fanatic herd. You are in a democracy but your spirit is over. You start standing with every wrong. It is not right with you, even then you remain silent. Therefore, question that when you came to protest, were you welcomed as a Hindu citizen of the Hindu nation with flower garlands? Did the helicopters rain flowers?

Your protests has impressed me. If justice movement is a name, then you also have to do this justice, only the government does not have to do justice. Today you have come only as a youth but yesterday you were not just a youngster. When in Gujarat, 11 lakh youth have been agitated in this way? I do not remember. When are there today, where are the leaders who used to call Gujarat like a crowd. You have brought back the citizenship which was lost in the crowd from your movement. Lokpan has arrived in Gujarat. This is a new word. We all should have publicity. The public should be with the public. Public should be public. Today you have seen corruption in Gujarat government. I wish you had seen this earlier.

Government examinations have made the youth of the entire country hollow. I have written to him many times that the victims of all the exams should unite. Struggle for everyone, not for yourself. You have talked about your exam but have also raised a big question. You have demanded a transparent and honest examination system. Which is in everyone’s interest. There were agitations in UP as well, but the students there could not come out of the politics of their religious identity by returning home. Therefore, nobody cared about his movement.

Today Hindi region is therefore a cursed state. Colleges in towns and capitals have been cremated. They are strengthening the ego of religion and caste. They are performing the last rites of their citizenship. You don’t let this happen. It is not easy to get out of religious identity and bigotry. Most will fail in this test. But will have to come out. Everyone is afraid to say these things. I am say this.

I do not want to vote with you. Nor is it to nurture its popularity. I want to talk to you with an eye. I want to ask you a few questions. I want you to question the conscience. As long as you do not run into these questions, you will not be able to achieve Navajivan. You will not be able to become a citizen. It is important to become your citizen. Damn it on the youth who will be seen as a flock of only one religion group and its enemies will be crushed. The answers to these questions will fill the youth with moral and self-confidence. You will change. New life will come. Swarnim Gujarat will come.

Report: Ravish Kumar, NDTV