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Ratan Tata debunks viral post falsely attributed to him


A viral post on the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on the economy, written with a motivational tone, is being falsely attributed to industrialist Ratan Tata. Many have been sharing this false message and now Tata himself has denied saying or writing it.

The message, which also shows a picture of Tata and implies it was written by him, reads, “Experts are predicting huge downfall of the economy due to the Corona. I do not know much about these experts. But I know for sure that they do not know anything about the value of human motivation and determined efforts.”

The note lists several positive outcomes through the years including India’s ‘83 World Cup win and Arunima Sinha scaling Mount Everest among others.

Ratan Tata took to his official Twitter handle to debunk the false claim. In a post, he clarified that he has neither said nor written the message. He added further that if he had to give a statement, it would be through his official social media handles.

“This post has neither been said, nor written by me. I urge you to verify media circulated on WhatsApp and social platforms,” he wrote and shared the image of the message. He added that he hopes people are safe and taking care of themselves.

He also shared the same message as his Instagram story and urged people to verify messages before circulating them online.

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