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Rape accused uses mom’s death two decades ago to get bail, fails


 A sessions judge has rejected the interim bail plea of a rape accused after the court saw through the sob story he presented. The accused Ajay Faguram Sharma tried to use the death certificate of his mother, who passed away 20 years ago, to get bail. 

Sessions judge Ashok Sharma rejected the plea. Ajay Faguram Sharma, a resident of Gomtipur, has been in jail since May 2019 in connection with the rape of a minor. 


The bail plea 

He had applied for interim bail of 30 days on account of the death of his mother. The application made before a sessions judge said that his mother had been ill for the last many years. 

He was later informed that on August 1, 202o his mother passed away. She is survived by her husband and a daughter (Sharma’s sister). He had sought to attend the last rights of his departed mother and hence wanted to be let out.

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What the government said

The government pleader opposed the plea because Sharma’s mother had passed away two decades ago. It also emerged that Sharma had cooked up the story to get an interim bail. 

The government pleader also warned that if Sharma was let out he could threaten the complainant and witnesses in the case and hence his appeal should be rejected.

Sessions judge rejected the bail stating that it did not think it appropriate to let Sharma out on bail. Sharma is accused of raping a minor in Gomtipur. He was later arrested in 2019 and sent to jail.

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