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Ruckus in Rajya Sabha continues; Naidu refuses to budge on MPs’ suspension


New Delhi: The Rajya Sabha was adjourned thrice on Wednesday by the afternoon due to the ruckus by members demanding revocation of suspension of 12 MPs on Monday.

The first adjournment that came soon after it met was till noon. When the House met at noon, it was adjourned till 2 pm and then again till 3 pm.

Rajya Sabha Chairman Venkaiah Naidu remained firm on his decision, saying that the suspsended MPs had not shown any remorse. He called their “unruly behaviour” a “sacrilege of the House”.

He added that while nothing that the Opposition MPs say would go on record, their conduct in the Well of the House should be shown to the people of the country.

At noon, when Leader of Opposition in Rajya Sabha Mallikarjun Kharge got up to speak for the suspended MPs, Deputy Chairman of the House Harivansh Narayan Singh stopped him from doing so.

Shortly thereafter, MPs of Congress, DMK and TRS rushed to the Well.

The suspended MPs and other Opposition leaders began their protest  in front of Mahatma Gandhi’s statue on Wednesday morning.


Chaos in Lok Sabha as well

In the Lok Sabha, MPs resorted to sloganeering over farmers’ issue and Bill for MSP.

LS Speaker Om Birla came down heavily on the MPs, calling their behaviour unjustified.

The House cannot function if some members disturb the entire House, he said.

Addressing the MPs who had reached the Well and were shouting slogans, Birla said, “You are a member of the House. Senior members are speaking and you are waving placards in front of them. what decorum do you want to create in the House?”



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