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Rajput organisation extends support to Kangana Ranaut


Agitators belonging to a Rajput organisation on Thursday burnt the effigy of Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut in Jaipur. The Rajput organisation called ‘Royal Group’ staged a demonstration and raised slogans in support of Bollywood actress Kangna Ranaut.

The demonstrators gathered at the Amrapali Circle on Thursday morning and burnt the effigy of Raut. They were protesting against the demolition of the office of Kangana Ranaut in Mumbai by the BMC.

Notably, the Bombay High Court had already granted a stay against the demolition. However, by the time the stay was ordered, BMC’s men and machinery had already damaged the actor’s property.

The supporters of Kangna Ranaut, who belonged to an unheard organisation, staged a demonstration to show their solidarity with her, who is also a Rajput.

Agitators claim Kangana belongs to Ranawat clan of Mewar

A few decades after Harsha’s death (647 AD) many Rajput states ascended in Rajasthan and Indus plains. However, tThey fought amongst themselves and the vanquished moved to the hills with their followers, where they set up small states or principalities. These states were Kangra, Nurpur, Suket, Mandi, Kutlehar, Baghal, Bilaspur, Nalagarh, Keonthal, Dhami, Kunihar, Bushahar and Sirmour.

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An agitator said that Kangana Ranaut belongs to the Ranawat clan of Mewar (Udaipur). He claimed that she is being harassed by the Shiv Sena and the Maharashtra government. Additionally, he said, as Kangana is a Rajput woman, it is our duty to safeguard our daughter. Therefore, we are protesting, he added.

Royal connections between Rajasthan & Himachal Pradesh

In fact, a number of members of the royal family of Rajasthan are married to the royal family of Himachal Pradesh. Prominent among them is the late maharaja of Jaipur, Brig Bhawani Singh, who was married to the princess of Sirmour Padmini Devi. Similarly, Chandresh Kumari, the sister of the former Maharaja of Jodhpur and who was a Union minister was also married in Himachal Pradesh.

The grandson of Padmini Devi, Lakshraj Singh is the inheritor of the former royal family of Sirmour. He is the son of BJP MP from Rajsamand, Diya Kumari, who is the former princess of Jaipur.


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