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Rajkot Police Assemble Open House Meeting to Spread Awareness about Traffic Rules


Rajkot has been formally witnessing a wave of protests ever since the penalties for helmets, HSRP number plates and traffic fines have been increased. In such a situation, some people had started agitation on the matter of helmet and ten times penalty from those who did not follow the traffic rules. Keeping these problems in mind, Rajkot Police organized an open house meeting to follow the traffic rules.

A large number of citizens participated in this open house meeting organized by the police. And also questioned the police about the traffic rules. The people who participated in the meeting accused the police that during driving and checking the traffic rules, the maximum number of people driving two wheelers are targeted. Rajkot Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal and many high police officers were present in this meeting.


Responding to the questions of the people who had participated in the meeting, the Rajkot Police Commissioner said that following the traffic rules is not being done to disturb the people but to maintain the law and order of the city. People accused the police and said that the police are taking the money from the Passenger Auto Drivers that is why the police are not taking the fines from them but they are taking fines from the common people.

It is to be noted that there is widespread opposition to the helmet law in Gujarat and Rajkot. Not only this, even after explaining the the traffic rules to the people are not wearing helmet. So the Rajkot police had done this new experiment that people will gradually start following the traffic rules.