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Rajkot: Minor Raped, Police Nab Culprits Within Hours of Committing the Crime


There was a shocking incident that an 8-year-old girl was abducted and gang raped in Rajkot. While the Police have arrested the accused within 24 hours. Police had deployed 10 teams for the search of accused and a reward of Rs 50,000 was also announced by the police informing about the accused. Based on all the evidence and CCTV footage, police had arrested the accused and conducted further investigation.

As per the information obtained an unidentified man came to the slum situated on 80-foot road in Rajkot city, where the family was asleep and took away the minor girl to the canal and raped her.The accused later left her at the slum and fled,the girl started crying and reached out to her family and narrated the entire incident to her family. The family later informed the police and the Police have registered a case of kidnapping and physical assault and investigation has been initiated into the matter.

Rajkot police took the matter seriously and immediately reached the spot where the incident was reported the incident to City Police Commissioner Manoj Agarwal. The Rajkot Police also said that they will provide the justice to the victim and her family. Police have deployed different teams to arrest the accused. After investigating all the cases on the basis of CCTV, the police arrested the accused within just 24 hours.

In addition, the police said that during the interrogation the accused confessed his crime and said that he was drunk that time and so he don’t know anything about the incident. Rajkot police have registered a crime against the accused and have also conducted further investigation in this case.