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Rajkot: Alcohol worth 5 lakhs recovered from School Founded by Gandhiji


In Gujarat the debate on alcohol pops up once in every three months. The Home Ministry several times ascertains to take the investigation till MLA quarters. The Chief Ministers of neighbouring states have also complained in this regard. Come which ever government, no one has ever accepted that alcohol is freely available in the state. On the other hand, bootleggers are openly selling alcohol in the state.

The latest case has come to light from a school that was established by the Father of the Nation Gandhiji Himself. Alcohol worth 5 lakhs has been seized from Rashtriya Shala in Gujarat’s Rajkot. Gandhiji opposed foreign education and set up a new swadeshi education based school in Rajkot.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot, last month had commented on the availability of IMFL in the state and there were lot of heated debates on the matter. CM Vijay Rupani has said that alcohol was not consumed in Gujarat and neither it was available in the state.

Unscrupulous bootleggers don’t seemed to be bothered by the government. Alcohol is openly available in Gujarat, the people and government both are aware about it and this is an undisputed fact. Now the bootleggers have started hoarding alcohol in institutions established by Gandhiji. Himself.

According to the police, alcohol and drugs are the most seized commodities in the state. The youth, who are considered the future of the country has been addicted to alcohol and drugs. Children of small age groups, who do not have enough money to buy these drugs have started inhaling cheap and hazardous substances such as whiteners and ink erasers. Earlier, a 38 year father of a child had registered a case in this regard

With the increasing cases of Alcohol and narcotic substances in the state it looks like Gujarat will soon over take “Udta Punjab” and claim the top position. Whereas the bootleggers are least concerned about system and law in the state.