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Rajinikanth takes a U-turn, not to launch political party


Asserting that his recent health scare was a warning from God, megastar Rajinikanth has backtracked from his earlier decision to start a political party and contest the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections in 2021. The announcement came within days of his discharge from a private hospital in Hyderabad where he was admitted with unusual blood pressure fluctuations.

Rajinikanth has tweeted that he doesn’t want to make the people who believe in him feel like a scapegoat, however, his recent health conditions have come as a warning.

Rajinikanth has said that he takes the recent development over his health condition as a warning from God and he will not go ahead with his plans to take the political plunge for the 2021 Tamil Nadu election.

Rajinikanth further said, “I see this as a warning given to me by the Lord. If I campaigned only through the media and social media after I started the party, I would not be able to create the political upheaval among people and win big in the elections. No one with political experience will deny this reality.”

Rajinikanth’s plan to launch political party

Earlier this month, Rajinikanth had announced that he will launch his political party in 2021. The actor said the exact date of the launch will be revealed on December 31. Notably, Rajinikanth had on December 31, 2017, announced his willingness to enter politics and contest the 2021 Assembly polls.

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Rajinikanth has promised a new kind of politics in Tamil Nadu that has been dominated by the two Dravidian parties.

“We will change everything. If not now never. In the coming Assembly elections, we will win with the huge support of the people and will roll out honest, transparent, corruption-free, secular and spiritual politics in Tamil Nadu. Miracle will happen,” he had said in a Tamil tweet.

“Political and government changes in Tamil Nadu are a compulsion of our times. My supporters have been waiting for so long. I also owe it to them. I do not mind sacrificing my life for the people of Tamil Nadu,” he had said.


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