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Rajinikanth says no plan to enter politics in future, dissolves outfit


Superstar Rajinikanth on Monday said he has no intention of entering politics and disbanded the Rajini Makal Manram (RMM) or the Rajini People’s Forum, indicating an end of his political aspirations.

On Monday, he stated that since he had no plans to enter politics in the future, he was disbanding the RMM. His fans would now continue to do social service under the banner of Rajini Fans Welfare Association as in the past. “I have no plans of entering politics in the future,” said the septuagenarian actor.

Rajinikanth’s announcement came after he had a meeting with office-bearers of the RMM after his return from the US where he had gone for a complete medical checkup. The superstar had undergone a kidney transplant at Mayo Clinic a few years back, and the reduced immunity due to the surgery had made him more vulnerable to the Coronavirus. He did not want his political campaign to be disrupted by getting infected by the virus.

Citing the pandemic and his dodgy health that could impair his functioning as a political leader, Rajinikanth had announced in December 2020 that he was opting out of the Assembly race.

Rajinikanth’s U-turn

On December 3, 2020, Rajinikanth said he would launch his party in January 2021 ahead of the Assembly election in Tamil Nadu. However, during the last week of December last year, he did a U-turn and announced that he would not join politics. RMM was considered a launch vehicle for the actor’s political entry.

Asserting that his health scare was a warning from God, the actor backtracked from his earlier decision to start a political party and contest the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections in 2021. The announcement came within days of his discharge from a private hospital in Hyderabad where he was admitted with unusual blood pressure fluctuations.


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