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Megastar Rajinikanth admitted to hospital


Megastar Rajinikanth has been rushed to the Apollo hospital in Hyderabad on Friday morning over several blood pressure fluctuations. He had recently tested negative for coronavirus after seven crew members shooting for the film, Annaatthe, tested positive for COVID-19.

As per the hospital’s official statement, he does not have any symptoms of COVID-19 but his blood pressure showed severe fluctuations that needed further evaluation. The statement further states that he will be monitored closely in the hospital until his blood pressure settles down.

The statement reads, “Mr Rajnikanth has been admitted in the hospital today in the morning. He was shooting for a movie in Hyderabad for the last 10 days. A couple of people on the sets tested positive for COVID-19. Mr Rajnikanth was tested on December 22 for COVID-19 and he was negative.”

“Since then, he isolated himself and was monitored closely. Though he did not have any symptoms of COVID-19, his blood pressure showed severe fluctuations and needed further evaluation for which he has been admitted to the hospital.”

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“He will be investigated and monitored closely in the hospital till his blood pressure settles down before being discharged. Apart from fluctuating blood pressure and exhaustion he does not have any other symptoms and is hemodynamically stable.”

As the news broke of the superstar being hospitalised, his fans flooded social media with ‘speedy recovery’ tweets. Many Twitter users, including celebrities, prayed for his speedy recovery.

Rajinikanth to launch political party

Earlier this month, Rajnikanth had announced that he will launch his political party in 2021. The actor said the exact date of the launch will be revealed on December 31. Notably, Rajnikanth has on December 31, 2017, announced his willingness to enter politics and contest the 2021 Assembly polls.

Rajinikanth has promised a new kind of politics in Tamil Nadu that has been dominated by the two Dravidian parties.

“We will change everything. If not now never. In the coming Assembly elections, we will win with the huge support of the people and will roll out honest, transparent, corruption-free, secular and spiritual politics in Tamil Nadu. Miracle will happen,” he had said in a Tamil tweet.

“Political and government changes in Tamil Nadu are a compulsion of our times. My supporters have been waiting for so long. I also owe it to them. I do not mind sacrificing my life for the people of Tamil Nadu,” he said.


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