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Efforts being made to ensure return of Rajasthani man languishing in Pakistani jail


The Rajasthan government has approached the Ministry of External Affairs to take up the issue of Gemra Ram’s release with Pakistan’s government. Notably, the 20-year-old man from the border district of Barmer is currently lodged in Pakistan’s Sindh province’s Umarkot jail.

Various organisations of Barmer have also sent petitions to the Rajasthan government for the release of Gemra Ram. A large number of people are visiting the residence of Gemra Ram to offer sympathy to his parents.

The Meghwal community to which he belongs has written to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot to take up the issue with the help of the Union government. The various organisations of Barmer have urged the state government to pursue the matter as there are cases when a few Pakistanis who intruded into the Indian territory by mistake were sent back after a meeting between the security agencies of the two countries.

The Border Security Force (BSF) had found out that the missing youth from Bijrar village in the border district of Barmer is in a Pakistani jail for the past 78 days. Gemra Ram Meghwal, a Dalit fled from home and crossed over the fence and landed in Pakistan where he was arrested by the Pakistani Rangers.

The case

Gemra Ram was in love with another village girl and when he had gone to meet her secretly, he was noticed by the family members of the girl. Fearing that the girl’s family members might beat him and to avoid a scandal, Gemra Ram fled from his village and reached the border and crossed fencing on November 5 last year. The parents of Gemra Ram searched for him in all the nearby villages and hamlets, but Gemra Ram remained untraceable.

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He was working as a labourer and was in love with a girl of the neighbourhood. When the family failed to search him, a report was lodged in the Bijrar police station.

Arrested by Pakistani Rangers

It is learnt that the secret agency found out that a youth, who crossed over jumping the fence is in a jail in the Sindh province. On November 12, the BSF got the first hint when the BSF officials met the Pakistani Rangers to return the 84 goats and eight sheep that intruded into the Indian territory from the Pakistan side. But the Pakistani Rangers did not return the youth. Now efforts are being made to get Gemra Ram released from the Pakistani jail.

In December, two sisters from Pakistan by mistake intruded into the Indian territory in the Jammu sector. But they were treated well and were sent back to Pakistan.


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