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Rajasthan fails to procure vaccines through global tender, may move SC


Like many other states, the Rajasthan government’s efforts to procure COVID-19 vaccines through global tendering have failed. Notably, seven other states including Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Telangana that have adopted the global tender mode have found that procurement through the global tender process has many ifs and buts and is not workable.

The few bids that the state government received from companies after floating the tender have quoted exorbitant rates that Rajasthan is unable to afford.  The state government needs more than two crore vaccines for the age group of 18 to 44.

Rajasthan govt likely to approach SC

The Rajasthan government after failing to procure vaccines is likely to file a petition in the Supreme Court. The petition would seek the apex court’s interventions and directives to the Union government to float the global tender.

It has become necessary for the state to ask the Union government to float the global tender because of the various issues relating to the import of vaccines. The state has found that procuring the vaccines by a state through the global tender mode is a cumbersome exercise. The Rajasthan government will seek the court’s intervention and directives making the Union government come to the rescue of the state government and float a global tender on its behalf.

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It will insist that as the Union of India is a federal structure and the states are its components, the Union government should float the global tender in the best interest of the states.

What Rajasthan health minister said

Health minister Dr. Raghu Sharma said whenever a state floats a global tender, the Indian missions must verify the credentials of the company and report it back to the states. He said the Rajasthan government will move the Supreme Court to issue directives looking at the special circumstances.

Dr Sharma said the state had floated a global tender for procurement of one crore vaccines. He said the companies that either manufacture vaccines or distribute them participated in the global tender. However, the companies quoted exorbitant rates that are three to four times more than the prevailing rates, the minister said, adding that the companies are not in a position to deliver the one-crore vaccines within 30 days.


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