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Rajasthan: Uproar After Death of 17-Year-Old Kashmiri Boy Beaten by Colleague in Jaipur


Jaipur: A 17-year-old Kashmiri boy has been murdered in Rajasthan. According to reports, a Kashmiri youth has been murdered in Harmada area of ​​Jaipur. The police investigating the case said that 17-year-old Basit had died after allegedly being beaten by his colleague over a petty issue. After that Basit reached his rented accommodation and complained of vomiting and his friends took him to SMS hospital in the morning, the commissioner said. Basit died on Friday after which Kashmiri youths created a ruckus outside the hospital’s morchary.

After this quarrel, a young man named Salman told to news channel, “Two youths of Kashmir went to their work and when they returned at night after work they had people from Mumbai along with them as well. During the quarrel these people beat a Kashmiri youth a lot. The young man was badly injured in this fight. As soon as the injured youth reached to his room, he told that his head is hurting a lot, people have hit him a lot.” He further told that, “people took the injured youth to the hospital, where he became unconscious. The doctors of the hospital started telling that he must be having food poison but on the second day when the doctors underwent to a stomach operation they found that the youth was it was hurt 24 hours before.”

Doctors performed surgery to treat Basit, but he showed no signs of improvement and died, the officer said. The body was handed over to family members after a post-mortem and they have left for Kashmir, he said. Police said that an FIR was registered in this case on Thursday, according to which there are total 3 accused in this case, one of the accused has been arrested named Aditya. At the same time there has been an atmosphere of fear among the Kashmiri youths of Jaipur, after this incident the Kashmiri youths are demanding their protection from the Gehlot government of Rajasthan.