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Rajasthan political crisis ends with Ashok Gehlot winning trust vote


The Rajasthan political crisis that continued for over a month on Friday ended with Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot winning the trust vote. Notably, the Ashok Gehlot-led Congress government has moved a confidence motion in the Rajasthan Assembly and won it through voice voting.

Interestingly, the dissident MLAs who recently made a comeback to Congress also joined the chorus in the confidence motion. This resulted in an expected easy victory for the Gehlot government that was earlier pushed to the brink by Sachin Pilot and his 18 supporter MLAs.

The development essentially means that there is no threat to the government for the next six months.

Meanwhile, Speaker CP Joshi adjourned the House till August 21.

Gehlot blames BJP for the crisis

Replying to the three-hour-long debate on the motion, the chief minister blamed the BJP for the political crisis in the state. He said the saffron party tried to destabilise the democratically elected government, but the BJP’s ill-initiatives were thwarted by the Congress.

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“The BJP and its high command left no stone unturned to topple the government, but we faced the crisis unitedly. This must have come as a jolt to Amit Shah. I am 69 and am in politics for the past 50 years. Today, I am concerned about democratic values. But, I will never allow any move or design to topple a democratically established government. You have misused the CBI, Income Tax and the Enforcement Directorate to terrorise us, but we stood like a rock to repel all your attacks.” Gehlot said.

BJP wanted to do a Madhya Pradesh in Rajasthan

“You tried hard to topple the government at the instance of your leaders. But, I will never allow you to do it. You are surprised that we amicably resolved our differences and are united to face your wrath with all our might. BJP is blaming us for forgetting the people during corona, but I want to ask why did you topple the government in Madhya Pradesh and unfairly formed your government in the middle of the corona outbreak. You wanted to do a Madhya Pradesh in Rajasthan, but you failed” the chief minister said.

Democratic values eroding

Gehlot said he had a long political career and was serving as the chief minister for the third time. “But, I am a worried man as there is a loss of democratic values and erosion of ethics in practicing democracy,” he said.

Governor under BJP’s pressure

During the reply to the debate, Gehlot touched upon the issue related to Governor Kalraj Mishra on the convening of the Assembly.

He said the Assembly session is convened after the cabinet approves it. “A simple request is sent to the governor to convene the Assembly and the governor convenes the session without asking many questions. But, what the governor did in our case was pressure exerted by your party on him. He was not acting independently and his actions attracted media wrath and the editorials condemned his wisdom,” the CM said.

PM Modi praised Rajasthan for its fight against COVID-19

Ashok Gehlot also took a dig at the BJP members who were critical of the government in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Gehlot said, “You are critical of my government, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi was full of praise for the way we combated corona and told other states to follow our model.”


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