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Rajasthan govt bans New Year celebrations in public places


Like Karnataka and several other states, Rajasthan too has banned New Year celebrations in public places like hotels, bars and resorts. To the great disappointment of thousands of revelers, they will have to usher in the New Year in the confines of their homes.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot after a review meeting of the COVID-19 situation in the state on Monday tweeted: “Like Diwali, the people of the state will have to celebrate the New Year in their homes. There will be no fireworks and no assembly of the crowd will be allowed. The state is going to follow the Supreme Court orders relating to coronavirus. Please save yourself and others from coronavirus by following the protocols.”

Need to be alert

The review meeting chaired by the chief minister expressed their satisfaction over the lowering of the COVID-19 cases, but the high-power committee said that utmost precautions were needed to maintain the current status.

As a large number of tourists from other states are expected to come for the New Year celebrations, it was decided to put a ban on celebrations in public places.

Though the cases of coronavirus infection are declining in the city of Jaipur and Jodhpur as well as throughout the state, yet the Rajasthan government, as a precautionary measure, has decided to ban celebrations in public places.

Shock for Rajasthan’s hospitality industry

The chief minister’s tweet came as a shock to the hospitality industry as a large number of hotels and resorts have sold their rooms at a discounted price and the hospitality industry fears large-scale cancellation of bookings because of the new order of the government.

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The hotels and resorts in Jaipur, Pushkar, Ranthambhore, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur and Udaipur received high bookings of hotels that had offered 15 per cent to 60 per cent reduction in room tariffs.

Both Udaipur and Mount Abu were expecting a large number of visitors from Gujarat, who normally throng the two places on New Year eve and also during long weekends. The crowd from Gujarat come in large number to Mount Abu to enjoy the winner and Mount Abu is freezing at the moment under the cold spell.

“The new order of the government would mean large-scale cancellation of the bookings and loss to the hotels. This was the only time where we could have recovered the losses suffered over several months because of the pandemic,” said Sanjay Kaushik, a travel expert.

Holiday for Rajasthan school teachers

The state government has issued orders that the teachers of the primary and secondary schools will not have to come to school from December 25 to December 31 which has been declared as the winter holidays. Though the schools are closed, the teachers were attending the schools for online teaching. The order has come as a relief for 3.80 lakh teachers.


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