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Rajasthan to enact law to make wearing mask mandatory


Rajasthan will become the first state in the country to introduce legal provisions to make wearing a mask mandatory in the state. With coronavirus cases rising with each passing day along with a gradual increase in the death toll, the Rajasthan government has said that as of now ‘mask is the only vaccine’ available against the deadly virus.

The government has announced that it will enact a law that will make wearing a mask mandatory.

Rajasthan bans sale of firecrackers

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot also announced that no firecrackers would be allowed to be sold in the state before and during Diwali. It has been done to protect COVID-19 patients and the general public from ill-effects of firecrackers.

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On Sunday night, Ashok Gehlot had tweeted: “In order to protect the health of COVID-19 infected patients and the general public, sale of firecrackers has been banned in the state. It has been done because poisonous gases emanating from the firecrackers are harmful to general health.”

SMS Hospital prepared report on ill-effects of firecracker pollution on COVID patients

The SMS Hospital in its report to the government said that the pollution from the fire crackers would prove to be very harmful for the patients. It will affect those suffering from chronic obstructions and pulmonary diseases and asthma. The Rajasthan government took the decision to ban firecrackers after this report.

The state government on Monday also banned use of firecrackers during marriage processions and other social functions. The government also said that all smoke emanating vehicles that do not possess the pollution under control certificate shall be banned from plying.

The Rajasthan government has also announced that the schools will remain closed till November 16 under the unlock guidelines. This has been done because there is no significant reduction in the number of corona cases.

Multiplexes, cinemas, entertainment centres and theatres will remain closed till November 16. The state government will review the situation on November 16 and if there is an improvement in the general conditions, some relaxations would be given.


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