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Rajasthan: Kid who fell in 90 ft deep borewell rescued by local mechanic after NDRF failed


A four-year-old boy who fell into a 90 feet deep borewell in a village in Rajasthan was miraculously rescued. The minor was rescued from the newly dug well after a 16-hour long operation using innovative methods.

The boy was rescued on Thursday night after the efforts of the two teams of the National Disaster Response Force (NRDF) and the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) failed.

Local mechanic saved life

A local farmer of Lachdi village in the Jalore district of Rajasthan, who also doubles as a mechanic used innovative methods in retrieving the boy from the borewell. Madharam, who is also affectionately called “Jugadi”, managed to rescue the boy by using three long pipes.

Madharam, who was summoned after the NDRF team failed, used three PVC pipes and made a triangle object. These pipes were tied to ropes. A camera was also inserted to monitor the operation.

The doctors had pushed the oxygen cylinder inside the borewell to maintain a constant supply of oxygen. A CCTV camera was also used to monitor the situation inside the borewell. The boy was stuck some 80 feet deep inside the borewell.

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Madhararam lowered the triangle-shaped pipes inside the borewell. He lowered the triangle pipe structure into the pit up to the waist level of the boy. He ensured that the boy’s body got fixed in the piped triangular structure. Then with the help of the NRDF rescue team, the inserted pipe was slowly pulled. The boy struck in the piped structure also started coming up.

In about 15 minutes, Madharam managed to get the boy out of the borewell. He was still stuck to the triangular structure when he was finally pulled out of the borewell pit.

Minor boy is alright

He was rushed to the hospital and was provided oxygen and after some time the boy started breathing normally. He had suffered minor scratches in the body during the rescue operation.

A large number of people from Lachdi and nearby villages had assembled to witness the rescue operation and Madharam was thanked by the villagers and the district administration for his innovative method that helped in the rescue operation.

Sub-divisional magistrate Bhupendra Kumar Yadav, who supervised the operation, said it was a combined effort of the NDRF team, but the role of Madharam was commendable. He said the boy is being treated in the Sanchor hospital.


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