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Rajasthan govt gearing up to counter Gujjar agitation from Nov 1


The Rajasthan government is gearing up to combat the call given by the Gujjar Mahapanchayat for a state-wide agitation from November 1. The Gujjar community had recently convened a Mahapanchayat (convention) in Adda in Bharatpur and gave an ultimatum to launch an agitation on November 1.

The Rajasthan government has deployed senior police officers to make elaborate arrangements to counter the agitation threat.

Rajasthan govt urges Gujjar community to refrain from agitation

The state government has made an appeal to the Gujjar community not to go for an agitation. The Ashok Gehlot government issued advertisements in newspapers on Wednesday to bring out the facts.

The appeal made by the state government lists the various orders issued by the government providing reservations of five per cent to the More Backward Categories (MBC).

The Rajasthan government has come out with details of the reservations granted by it and how the decisions were quashed by the Rajasthan High Court disallowing the reservation as it was against the provisions of the Constitution.

The Rajasthan government states that on February 13, 2019, the state government through an ordinance allowed five per cent reservations to the MBC in government jobs and in educational institutes. The state government has provided 2,491 jobs under the MBC and 1,356 jobs are under process.

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In order to make the 5 per cent reservation free from any judicial interventions, the state government sent a request to the Union government in February 2019 and on October 21, 2020, to include the provision of 5 per cent reservation in the ninth schedule of the Constitution.

The appeal made by the state government shows that it wants to drive home the point to the Gujjar community that in all honesty, it wants to provide the reservation, but there are legal hitches which are being sorted out.

Rajasthan govt enumerates work done for Gujjar community

The state government in its advertisements has come out with the various schemes introduced by the state government for the the welfare of the Gujjar community.

The state budget provides for Rs 30 crore for the Devnarayan Welfare Scheme under which residential schools will be opened. Five such schools have been already opened. The Gujjar community has also been provided with free scholarships.

The state government has urged the community to give up their agitation at a time when the state is combating the coronavirus pandemic. It said that all the problems faced by the community could be sorted out through meetings.


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