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Rajasthan govt’s lockdown order throws a spanner in the wedding plans of hundreds of families


A significant number of marriages in Rajasthan are being postponed or cancelled because of the Ashok Gehlot government’s order imposing lockdown across the state from May 10 to May 24.

The government order said that only registry marriages attended by not more than 11 persons will be allowed till May 31. Registry marriages too will have to be informed on the portal of the state government. The order banned wedding functions, DJs and marriage processions.

The guidelines issued by the home department also prohibited the use of bands, catering services and the gathering of guests till May 31. Marriage gardens, halls and hotels will be closed for marriage functions. Marriage garden owners and caterers will have to return the advance amount paid by the parties. No community feasts will be allowed during the lockdown period.

The state government order has caused immense confusion among thousands of families in the state as marriages according to the Hindu, Muslim or Christian customs have been banned.

Marriages that could be performed in the court under the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act have been allowed. In all such cases of registry marriages, a form will have to be filled and submitted to the registrar of marriages.

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After filling the forms, the registrar issues notices and appointments are granted that usually take 15 to 30 days under the Hindu Marriage Act and 60 days under the Special Marriage Act. The orders will come into effect from May 10 and will be valid till May 24. Thus, those seeking marriages under these Acts cannot get married on the muhurat day and will have to wait till the stipulated days of the notice period is over. Thus the grant of appointments would come only after May 24 and no marriages could be performed before that.

According to an official of the district administration in Jaipur, a large number of people turned up at the registrars’ offices with forms for registry marriages and it is difficult to entertain such a large number of requests.

Places of worship in Rajasthan to remain shut

The new orders have allowed the distribution of newspapers from 4 am to 11 am and journalists have been allowed to work and travel during this period. All places of worship will be closed and all persons have been requested to conduct pooja and religious rituals at home.

Public transport including buses, tempos, tractors, jeeps, etc will be off the road. Only workers permitted will be allowed to load or unload inter-state or intra-state goods. Except for medical urgencies, no inter-district or inter-city, city to villages or villages to city travel will be allowed.


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