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Rajasthan govt to come up with report card on Oct 2


After a month-long political unrest, the Ashok Gehlot government in Rajasthan will be issuing a report card of the development in the state on October 2—Gandhi Jayanti. The report to be made available to the public will enlist the achievements of the Rajasthan government.

It will also contain the targets met by the Rajasthan government as has been promised by the Congress in its election manifesto.

AICC general secretary Ajay Maken has suggested the government should go before the people with its list of achievements. Notably, Congress legislators will go to their respective constituencies and present the report card before people. The MLAs have been also asked to hold direct dialogue with the people in order to ascertain their grievances.

Maken’s visit to Rajasthan

Ajay Maken has been entrusted by the Congress high command to resolve the differences in Rajasthan Congress. In this regard, Maken has met around 175 party workers in two days. He was made aware of the various impending issued by the ministers, MLAs and party workers.

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Several MLAs also complained to Maken against bureaucrats and government officials. They claimed that government officials are not ready to listen to them about the problems in their constituencies. They said there was a need for better cooperation and understanding between the officials and the MLAs.

Maken convinced about govt’s performance

Sources said Ajay Maken is more or less convinced with the performance of the Gehlot government. He has expressed satisfaction in the way it confronted the COVID 19 pandemic. He is also happy with the progress made by the government in providing rural jobs during the pandemic.

Crucial panchayat elections

The immediate issue before the party is the forthcoming elections for the panchs and sarpanchs. These elections in which about 4,000 panchs and sarpanchs will be elected will be the biggest litmus test for the government. It will also reflect the popularity of the government in rural areas.


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