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Opposition questions legality of farm bill proposed by Rajasthan govt


The Rajasthan government has convened the Vidhan Sabha session from November 1 to table the state’s farm bills that would counter the contentious farm legislations passed by the Centre. But, BJP, which is in Opposition in the state, has questioned the legality of the move.

The deputy leader of the opposition Rajendra Singh Rathore on Friday said that the Ashok Gehlot government cannot change a law passed by the Parliament.

Rathore said that the Union government is empowered to make laws under the provision of Article 248 of the Constitution. He said the Gehlot government has convened the Assembly session without studying the legal issue involved in the matter. He added that the Parliament is free to make laws on all such issues that relate to the central list.

He said if the Rajasthan government wants to make amendments in any provisions of the laws passed by the Parliament, it will have to seek the approval of the President.

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Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has been critical of the farm laws passed by the Centre. The Rajasthan Congress even organised state-wide agitation against the central laws.

After Punjab passed its own farm laws, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot made an announcement that Rajasthan will follow Punjab on the issue.

Rajasthan govt should have approached SC

According to a retired High Court judge, Pana Chand Jain, under the provisions of Article 226, any law passed by the parliament can be challenged in the Supreme Court. The law can be challenged for its legal aspects only, if it is in contravention to constitutional provisions.

He said that such issues cannot be settled in the Vidhan Sabha and a redressal can be achieved only from the apex court.

He said that the Gehlot government should have gone to the apex court, rather than introducing its own bill in the Rajasthan Vidhan Sabha.


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