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Rajasthan govt to table Bill making masks mandatory


The Rajasthan government is planning to bring legislation that will make wearing masks mandatory in the state. Following the move, Rajasthan will become the first state in the country to come up with a law in this regard.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot said that the Bill making the wearing of masks mandatory will be introduced in the forthcoming session of the Assembly. The Bill will also make it mandatory to maintain physical distance.

The legislation brought by the state government in this regard will be valid till a vaccine is made available for the deadly virus.

Rajasthan’s successful campaign against COVID-19

Ashok Gehlot, while addressing officials in a virtual conference, said that Rajasthan introduced the “No Mask, No Entry” campaign on October 2 that received a very good response. He said the rule of “No Mask, No Entry” was very well received in all government offices.

“Corona can be fought by applying safety measures and it could be curbed by adopting the protocols. We are trying to make people aware that corona could be curbed only if people follow the safety protocols. The protocols have to be strictly implemented across the state and there should be awareness about it at all levels. The rural population should also be involved in this programme and the NCC, NSS and Nehru Yuva Kendra should help in promoting it” said Ashok Gehlot.

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Health minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that efficient preventive systems introduced by the state government helped in curbing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have a very safe and strong treatment protocol and we want to convert this into a mass movement. The special campaigns that would last till November 30 would certainly be a landmark in achieving our target to make the state corona-free,” said Dr Sharma.

Bills against Central farm laws

The forthcoming session of the Rajasthan Assembly has been convened basically to introduce the state’s own farm laws. These Bills would be tabled to oppose the Central farm laws. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot had already said that Rajasthan would follow Punjab’s model of the new farm laws that would be in the best interest of the state.

The officials of the agriculture and law departments are working to draft the Bill to be presented in the Assembly in November.


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