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Rajasthan police arrests 6 people from Gujarat for selling spurious ghee


The Rajasthan police have arrested six people in Jaipur for selling spurious ghee. The arrested persons are from Gujarat. The police have also seized 2.15 quintals of spurious ghee from them.

Among those arrested include Akash Gadhvi, Vikas Baghri, Bharat, Jayanti, Vilas and Jayesh. All of them are from Gujarat’s Banaskantha district and were selling spurious ghee in the name of pure ghee.

The accused allegedly used to claim that the ghee was prepared in Gujarat and was 100 per cent pure. The ghee was sold at the rate of Rs 200 to Rs 300 per kilo, which is way below the market price, making it easier for them to sell the same.

Ghee made from chemicals

In fact, the ghee was prepared by using chemicals and some synthetic substances and consumption of such ghee is harmful for health. The accused were working as a group and they would sell the ghee claiming it to be pure ghee from Gujarat.

The police arrested the ghee sellers from Balaji Market after a tip-off from one of the customers. The complainant-customer had earlier purchased ghee from the accused. However, he later found that the ghee was made of synthetic substances.

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Shudh Ke Liye Yudh

The Jaipur police arrested them under a campaign run by the Ashok Gehlot government to nab spurious food sellers. The campaign is known as “Shudh Ke Liye Yudh” and especially targets sweetmeat and milk sellers.

The “Shudh Ke Liye Yudh” was a programme that Ashok Gehlot launched during his second term as the chief minister from 2008 to 2014. He had ordered the district food supply officers to conduct sample tests of the food particularly, milk, ghee, sweet and foodstuff and punish those who were involved in selling spurious items.

Rise in food adulteration during festive season

With the ongoing festive season, the demand for milk and milk products has gone up across the country. The situation is the same in Rajasthan.

The festive season is also the time when some sellers try to fleece people by selling adulterated milk products, with many of them being manufactured using chemicals and artificial flavours.


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