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Rajasthan bans firecrackers till Dec 31


The Ashok Gehlot-led Rajasthan government has extended the ban on the sale and purchase of firecrackers till December 31 this year.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot tweeted that the state government was forced to put a ban on firecrackers as a precautionary measure amid the coronavirus pandemic. He said that medical experts have suggested the ban.

Ashok Gehlot said the firecrackers would cause problems in breathing for the coronavirus patients. “The smoke emanated by burning firecrackers would cause immense hardship to the patients. They would have difficulty in breathing. Thus, looking at public health, the government has decided to put a ban on sale and purchase of firecrackers.”

Firecracker godowns sealed

The district administration has started sealing the godowns of firecrackers distributors. The licence for selling firecrackers has also been withdrawn.

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Those found selling or buying firecrackers will be punished by law and will also have to pay penalties.

Rajasthan also bans use of firecrackers in marriages

The Rajasthan government has banned the use of firecrackers in marriages and for other celebrations. After Diwali, there are eight auspicious days for marriage according to the Hindu calendar till December 31. The Rajasthan government has issued instructions that firecrackers display would not be allowed in marriages.

The firecrackers dealers of the state made a plea to the government to lift the ban as they have accumulated stock of Rs 600 crores worth of firecrackers which would remain unsold resulting in losses.

Tamil Nadu’s chief minister has also written to his Rajasthan counterpart urging him to lift the ban as because of the ban the firecrackers industry in Tamil Nadu is affected. There are eight lakh labourers involved in manufacturing of firecrackers in Tamil Nadu. They would be rendered jobless because of the ban on firecrackers imposed by several states.


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