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Rajasthan: Fire breaks out at Kota airport


A major fire broke out at the Kota airport on Monday night which was further fuelled by strong winds. The firemen fought for three hours in the night to bring the fire under control. Kota has an airport, but there are no air services running and a new airport is being planned here.

The fire at the airport started at around 11.30 pm on Monday night and swiftly turned into an inferno spreading through the grass. It was extinguished with the help of seven fire brigades. The fire was so intense that its flames managed to surpass the 12 feet high-security wall of the airport on the side of Kota-Jhalawar National Highway.

The electricity supply to the area surrounding the airport was also cut while police personnel stood guard during the entire firefighting operation. Residents of neighbouring areas also witnessed the entire incident from their terraces.

Kota airport authority warned several times

Despite stringent security and safety measures ensured by the Kota Airport Authority, such fires are a regular affair at the complex hinting at a major security lapse. In this regard, the officials from the Kota Municipal Corporation’s fire section have repeatedly asked the airport authority administration to close the gap between the security wall.

Owing to this gap, residents of neighbouring settlements manage to infiltrate the complex for defecation and also throw burning cigarette stubs. This results in the dry grass catching fire in the summer season. The situation is even more dangerous with a petrol pump located nearby.


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