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Rajasthan govt extends lockdown until June 8


The Rajasthan government has extended the COVID-19 induced lockdown in the state by another 15 days and now, it will remain in force till June 8.

After the recommendation of the Cabinet, the Ashok Gehlot government extended the “three-tier public discipline” lockdown. The weekend curfew has also been extended and it will be imposed from Friday afternoon till Tuesday 5 am from May 28. The shops will however be allowed to open as per the previous provisions. Relaxations will be given in the regulation if the COVID-19 situation improves.

The ban on marriage ceremonies has also been extended till June 30. Marriages will be allowed either at home or at the court with a maximum of 11 persons in attendance. Marriage ceremonies and other functions related to it will not be allowed in public places till June 30. Similarly, there is a prohibition on organising a feast for large crowds in marriages.

Now, a person who is caught without a mask by the police will have to pay a penalty of Rs 1,000. Earlier, the penalty was Rs 500. Markets will remain closed for the next two extended weekends from noon on May 28 to 5 pm on June 1 and from noon on June 4 to 5 am on June 8.

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Public transport will be off roads. Inter-state and intra-state movement of heavy vehicles will be allowed if they are carrying essential goods.

3-tier public discipline lockdown in Rajasthan

Under the three-tier public discipline lockdown, the first is to prevent the entry of outsiders into homes and to hold such meetings with others, if required, in an open space following social distancing.

The second tier is to stop activities that can lead to the spread of the infection and to ensure that not more than five people gather at public places.

The third tier is to prevent anyone from travelling, who does not have a medical emergency or has the requisite permission for moving from one city to another city, city to villages, or from villages to other villages.


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