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Rajasthan DGP seeks voluntary retirement


Rajasthan director general of police (DGP) Dr Bhupendra Singh Yadav’s decision seeking voluntary retirement from service has created ripples in the state’s power corridor.

Notably, the top cop’s tenure was supposed to end on June 30, 2021. However, the Rajasthan DGP has sought retirement from the top cop’s position after November 30. He has routed his application for voluntary retirement through the Rajasthan government. Yadav has sent his letter seeking voluntary retirement to the state government 10 days back.

7 police officers in the race to become Rajasthan DGP

The Rajasthan government has asked seven senior police officials to submit their application for the post of DGP. According to the procedure, the state government sends a panel of three names to the Union Public Service Commission for its approval. The three names are chosen from the seven applications after scrutiny by the state government.

3 senior cops top contenders

Three senior cops— Rajiv Dasot, ML Lathar and BL Sonia— are being speculated as the top contenders for the DGP’s position after Dr Yadav retires.

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While Lathar is due to retire in May 2021, Dasot will retire in June 2021. It is mandatory that the new DGP should have at least six months of service left to become eligible for the post of DGP.

Rajasthan govt appointed Yadav as DGP in 2019

The Ashok Gehlot government had appointed Yadav as the Rajasthan DGP in July 2019 for a period of two years. But, Yadav decided to quit his job seven months before the expiry of his tenure. There was a public interest litigation in the Supreme Court challenging his appointment and the matter is yet to come for hearing.

It is learned that Ashok Gehlot was not happy with the performance of Yadav as the DGP. The crime graph in the state had gone high and a large number of rapes and suicides presented a grim picture of law and order situation in the state. Though Dr Yadav is known to be an honest officer, but the growing crime rate earned him the displeasure of the chief minister.

Yadav may be nominated for RPSC or CIC

There is a speculation that Dr Yadav may be nominated as the chairman of the Rajasthan Public Service Commission (RPSC) or the Chief Information Commissioner (CIC). RPSC’s post will fall vacant when the present chairman Deepak Upreti retires on October 15.

The Chief Information Commissioner’s (CIC) post is lying vacant for a year now. The process of appointing the new CIC began on Thursday and it would take about two months to complete.


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