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Rajasthan: COVID-19 cases cross 1 lakh-mark


In an unfortunate development, the total number of COVID-19 cases in Rajasthan has crossed the 1 lakh-mark. While 63.37 per cent of these cases are in urban areas of Rajasthan, the remaining cases have been reported from rural areas.

Notably, there are over 63,000 COVID-19 positive cases in urban areas. Similarly, the case count in rural areas has crossed the 37,000-mark.

Maximum COVID-19 cases in the 20-29 years age group

Majority of the infected people who tested positive are in the age-group of 20 to 29 years. Their percentage in the total case burden is 26.27 per cent. People in the age group of 30 to 39 years come second. Their percentage in the total case burden stands at 22.62 per cent.

Surprisingly the percentage of the infected in the age-group of 60 to 69 is just 6.75 per cent, while it is 2.53 per cent in the age-group of 70 to 79 years. Similarly, only 0.78 per cent of the total case burden belongs to the age group of 80 years and above.

Rajasthan government spends Rs 1,500 cr

The state government has so far spent over Rs 1500 crores for managing the COVID-19 crisis.

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However, the number of positive cases is rising with the increase in testing capacity across all districts of the state.

Only 10k cases in June

In the month of June, the number of infected persons was 10,084 and the death toll was 218. The rate of recovery was at 72.97 per cent.

But, statistics suggest that while the number of infected persons touched 90,000 by September 6, the deaths snowballed to 1137. Similarly, the death rate was at 1.25 per cent and the recovery percentage touched 82.30 per cent.

Jodhpur tops in COVID-19 cases

Jodhpur tops the five districts with maximum COVID-19 cases. That too, despite the fact that Jaipur is a bigger city with more population than Jodhpur. While Jaipur reportedly had 14657 cases till September 12, Jodhpur’s figure was 14,812. Alwar with 8,906 was third, Kota with 7,371 fourth and Ajmer with 5164 was fifth.

Jaipur tops in COVID-19 deaths

Jaipur reported a total of 297 deaths followed by Jodhpur (118), Bikaner (90), Kota (87) and Ajmer (83).


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