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Rajasthan Congress MLA claims Sanjay Jain asked him to meet Vasundhara Raje 8 months ago


Congress legislator Rajendra Gudha on Sunday claimed that arrested middleman Sanjay Jain had contacted him about eight months ago to ask him to meet former Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje and other BJP leaders.

“BJP’s game plan was going on for a long time. Eight months ago, he had come to me asking to meet Vasundhara Raje and other BJP leaders. Their people and middlemen were active but they could not succeed in their attempts,” Gudha told journalists.

Jain’s name had surfaced in one of the viral audio recordings in which he is heard about horse-trading of legislators to topple the Ashok Gehlot government in Rajasthan.

Special Operations Group of Rajasthan police has arrested Jain.

Congress said he had connection with the BJP, a claim saffron party has denied.

Gudha claimed Jain had asked him to meet Raje in New Delhi and then in Jaipur.

Asked whether he lodged a complaint about horse-trading of legislators, Gudha said, “He did not meet me in connection with horse-trading of legislators but he had asked me to meet Vasundhara Raje.”

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Gudha said BSP legislators, including him, had joined the Congress without any pre-condition for the stability of the government so that development can take place in Rajasthan.

He said he did not count the number of MLAs camping in the hotel in Jaipur but they are certainly over 100 and the government is in majority.

BJP is not demanding the floor test because they know “we have the majority”, he added.

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