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Rajasthan CM says RSS, BJP will understand the contributions of Nehru after 10 years


Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said that the RSS and the BJP have adopted the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi as their own ideal. He said that after 10 years both RSS and the BJP will understand the contributions made by Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru and would incorporate their thoughts and views in its programmes.

Speaking at a virtual function to mark the values of the Dandi March, Gehlot said that both the RSS and the BJP leave no opportunity to criticise Pandit Nehru. But they are critical of Nehru because they do not know about his contribution in the freedom struggle and building a new modern India, the CM added.

Gehlot in the virtual function unveiled a statue of Mahatma Gandhi at Hanumangarh district headquarters.

The Rajasthan CM said Dandi March was a revolution and it was initiated by Mahatma Gandhi as the issue dealt with the common man. He said Mahatma Gandhi’s ideals would always be relevant in the future because it was weaved around for the welfare of the mankind.

BJP using terror and fear tactic

He said the RSS and the BJP have understood the values of Gandhiji’s ideals and its relevance and their leaders know that the country could move forward only if it follows Gandhi’s path. He said Gandhi was ahead of his time and was a visionary who taught people to adopt the life of truthfulness. But today the BJP as the ruling party of the country has adopted a tactic of terror and fear, the CM said.

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Gehlot said the people do not want to talk on phones fearing their telephones being tapped. Those who want to talk ask their people to talk on facetime or WhatsApp to avoid tapping.

He said the BJP uses the Enforcement Directorate (ED), CBI and IT for arm twisting and for its political advantage. He cited the cases of Tamil Nadu where the premises of the relatives of the DMK leaders were raided four days before the poll.  He said the people understand the meaning of such raids and they answer such tactics in its own way.

Sarvodaya Vichar exam to be made mandatory for scholarship in Rajasthan

Chief Minister said that the Rajasthan government will make it mandatory for all the students seeking scholarship to pass the Sarvodaya Vichar examination. He said the Sarvodaya Vichar examination will have to be passed by each student seeking a scholarship. The Sarvodaya Vichar deal with the teachings and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi.

The chief minister announced that a massive Mahatma Gandhi museum will be built in Jaipur at a cost of Rs 120 crore. A Yuva Shanti Sena will be founded and it would be supported by the state government. The Yuva Shanti Sena will propagate the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi.


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