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Rajasthan CM inaugurates organ donor memorial


The country’s first unique memorial—an organ donor memorial—was inaugurated by Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot on Friday on the International Organ Donation Day.

It was a special event for the city and the municipal corporation and other civic bodies of the state capital joined hands together by illuminating the historical buildings. The memorial, inspired by Jaipur’s famous Jantar Mantar, has been designed by ace designer Sameer Wheaton. It portrays life looking towards the cosmic heaven in gratitude, compassion and love.

According to senior government officials, the state government has joined hands with Mohan Foundation Jaipur Citizens Forum (MFJCF) and Jaipur Greater Municipal Corporation for the structure. This will create awareness for organ donations. The memorial is called Angadata Memorial and is located close to the city’s biggest SMSM Hospital. The Rajasthan government on its part has given land at a prime location for the memorial.

Rajasthan leading state in organ donation

Rajiv Arora, the chairman of the MFJCF said that Rajasthan is a leading state for organ donation and the names of the organ donors have been inscribed on the structure. Arora said that the monument will always be an inspiration and would convey a message to society that donating an organ can save lives.

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Chief Minister Gehlot said organ donations have been popular in developed countries, but people in India have also started to understand the value of organ donations. Eyes and kidneys are donated in large numbers in the country, the CM said.

He added that the number of such donations should increase as it would give a new lease of life to those who need it.

Urban development minister Shanti Kumar Dhariwal said that organ donation is the ultimate donation, but people have to be educated in this direction. He said the effort of the foundation is laudable as the monument will always inspire people towards organ donations.

Arora presented a replica of the structure to the chief minister during the virtual ceremony.


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